‘Build Back Better’ Means More Government, More Debt & More Taxes

October 25, 2021

Over and over again, the Biden administration has tried to sell their “Build Back Better” plan to the American people. The thing is, they’re trying to sell us a bill of goods that we just aren’t interested in buying. Folks in Wyoming know better. We know that $3.5 trillion in spending doesn’t equal $0 in cost, as the administration is trying to say it does. We know that more government isn’t better. We know that throwing money at a problem doesn’t fix it. 

Democrats in Congress aren’t even united on this plan. There are Democrats who are raising alarms about the tax increases and proposed huge infusion of money into our already inflated economy. They’re concerned about creating more government programs when we can’t fund the government programs we already have. Frankly, their party is in disarray. 

Democrats say this plan is popular, but we know that it’s popular only until you see what’s in it. Green New Deal provisions, tax credits for the wealthy, open borders, higher drug costs, and handouts to China are not building America back better. See for yourself here

People in Wyoming are seeing higher prices at the grocery store and at the gas pumps. The bills to heat our homes are higher, and though Democrats deny it, our tax bills will be higher. Forcing this reckless spending plan through will make all of these scenarios worse. This is not building back better. This is pandering to the progressive wing of a party that is no longer guided by our founding principles or the good of the people they represent. 

If we truly want to build back better, we need to look to the states. We need to make sure that they’ve properly spent the money already allocated through different COVID relief programs. We need to stop pumping money into an already hot economy. We need to stop infringing on the freedom of the people in the name of public safety. The sooner people can get back to work, the sooner our economy will fully recover. This will happen best without more government programs. 

I’m here in Washington fighting against this at every turn.