Financial Innovation & Digital Assets

Wyoming has pioneered the right way to regulate the new world of digital assets and financial innovation. On the federal level, I am working to ensure that the Federal Government makes financial innovation a priority and adopts sensible, bipartisan regulations that secure America’s financial future. I founded the Financial Innovation Caucus to educate my fellow senators about the vast potential of emerging technologies to promote financial inclusion and build new wealth for all.

Energy & Natural Resources

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Wyoming produces 15 times more energy than its residents consume, making it the biggest net energy supplier in the United States. We are proud of the incredible energy resources we have, and how we are innovating through things like carbon capture to produce energy in the cleanest manner possible. In addition to our energy production capabilities, Wyoming’s rare earth and hard rock minerals present a huge opportunity for Wyoming and for manufacturing capabilities here in the United States. I am dedicated to ensuring that the federal government respects Wyoming’s industries and agriculture production, and am committed to fighting for Wyoming’s workers in these important sectors.


When I think about agriculture, I think about our state’s culture. For the farmers, ranchers, and producers in Wyoming, agriculture isn’t just our livelihood – it’s our way of life. As a rancher myself, I know how important it is to have policies in place that balance conservation for tomorrow with best uses for today. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of excellence, and I am fighting to ensure that if we produce products that are good enough for Wyoming’s standards, then they are certainly good enough for the rest of the country. I want to ensure that meat and crops produced and inspected in Wyoming can be sold across the country so the rest of the United States can enjoy the superior products we grow in Wyoming.

Transportation & Infrastructure

As the only Senator who sits on all three committees with jurisdiction over transportation issues – the transportation trifecta – I am committed to ensuring that we properly update our aging national infrastructure. I also know that rural states like Wyoming have vastly different needs from urban areas, but those differences don’t mean rural needs are less important. I will work hard to represent the transportation needs of rural Americans on any infrastructure-related legislation that Congress considers.

All Wyoming, All The Time

In Wyoming, we do things our way. We are proud defenders of Americans’ rights, and firm believers that we know best how to run our own lives. As your Senator, I am committed to fighting for your liberties, like the Second Amendment and the right to life. I am here to represent your views in Congress on everything from immigration and border security to choice in healthcare and education, and everything in between. I also promise to fight for our industries in trade agreements and transportation bills. As your Senator, I am ‘all Wyoming, all the time’ and laser-focused on championing our communities, businesses, and rural way of life.

National Security & Veterans

The first responsibility of the U.S. government is to keep our country and citizens safe. I am grateful for the incredible work that the men and women who serve our nation in uniform do at F.E. Warren Air Force Base each and every day. I am a staunch supporter of our nuclear triad, and proud of the role that the F.E. Warren Air Force Base plays in our national defense. The transformation that has occurred at the Veterans Affairs Department in recent years has been essential to improving the quality and timeliness of services and I pledge to hold the department accountable for their actions taking care of the men and women who have given so much to keep us safe.


High healthcare costs continue to be a major concern for the people of Wyoming and are a significant challenge for our families and small businesses. I support a number of efforts to drive down costs and improve access to quality healthcare, including pricing transparency so that individuals, businesses, and health care providers can make informed decisions. I also support bringing more competition into the Wyoming and national health insurance markets, and ensuring air ambulance costs are affordable. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to secure the telehealth gains we made during the COVID-19 pandemic and build off of those advancements.