Build Back Broke

November 19, 2021

Today, the House of Representatives passed President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. 

I won’t parse my words. This plan would be a disaster for the people of Wyoming and for people across this country. This is the largest expansion of government in modern history. President Biden and Democrats in Congress want the government to be in charge of even more parts of your life – from the daycare your child can attend to what you spend your money on. 

Not only that, this plan will fundamentally change the way we power our nation. We will no longer be allowed to rely on proven fossil fuels to heat our homes and fill our gas tanks. This plan would force us to move to less reliable forms of energy that rely on materials from China to develop. It makes no allowance for the ways we’ve made fossil fuels cleaner and better for the environment. It makes no acknowledgment of the thousands of jobs that will be lost if we cut fossil fuels entirely. It ignores the people in Wyoming who will have no way to put food on the table when their good, energy sector jobs are eliminated due to politics. 

This bill is good for the wealthy, coastal elites who will get a massive tax cut from the reinstatement of the State and Local tax deduction. This bill gives power to unions by subsidizing union dues with your taxpayer dollars. It increases taxes on natural gas while creating more subsidies for less reliable green energy technologies. President Biden promised no new taxes on middle class Americans, but that’s precisely what this bill is full of. 

Don’t be fooled – people in Wyoming WILL pay more in taxes if this bill passes. 

This bill faces an uphill battle in the split Senate, but it’s not dead yet. There are a few senators on the other side of the aisle who see this bill for what it really is – an expensive increase of government control – and hopefully they’ll oppose this huge piece of legislation.  I’ll keep fighting to make sure our way of life here in Wyoming isn’t destroyed by radical progressives.