Down with the Vaccine Mandates

December 10, 2021

This week, the Senate voted, on a bipartisan basis, to oppose President Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate for private individuals. People across Wyoming have approached me about the potential impacts of these vaccine mandates. They are worried about their jobs and their medical autonomy. 

The mandate at hand would require companies with more than 100 employees to force their employees to get vaccinated or face termination. This would impact over 80 million private sector employees across the nation, in addition to millions of federal workers and contractors who must comply under other mandates. 

I am vaccinated. I think this vaccine is safe and effective. But I made that decision with my doctor, not because the federal government demanded I do it. People in Wyoming should have that same freedom. 

This mandate would have a disastrous impact on Wyoming businesses that are already struggling to recover from the pandemic. It would exacerbate the supply chain crisis Wyoming businesses are facing by straining the already stretched-thin transportation industry. 

I am pleased this measure passed the Senate, but we must keep fighting until the vaccine mandate is gone once and for all.