Introducing the Responsible Financial Innovation Act

June 11, 2022

This week, I introduced The Responsible Financial Innovation Act alongside Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). This landmark legislation will build on the innovative laws Wyoming crafted to govern digital assets. 

Digital assets are new on most people’s radar, but they are now part of a massive financial industry with which our current laws cannot keep up. The framework I developed with Senator Gillibrand creates a clear set of definitions for new technologies and digital assets, integrates digital assets into our tax and banking systems, and sets up guardrails to protect consumers while protecting innovation. I am excited to give this industry the regulatory clarity it needs to thrive, while unleashing the potential that has been bubbling up in Wyoming. 

It is important to me that people across Wyoming understand the real potential that this industry holds for our state. My state policy director, Tyler Lindholm, has been traveling the state and partnering with chambers of commerce to host events where you can learn more about digital assets and ask questions. In the next couple of weeks, he’ll be traveling around Park County to host lunch and learns. Contact my office for more information.

Digital assets are a complicated web of new terms and concepts that we are all still learning about. My website has a section dedicated to digital assets that includes a list of common definitions and information about how Wyoming wins with financial innovation! Check it out at

Like on any issue, I want to hear from constituents across Wyoming. Please reach out to my offices across Wyoming or in Washington, D.C., or send me an email via my website.