ICYMI: Lummis Talks Title 42 and American Competitiveness with Larry Kudlow

April 28, 2022

Senator Highlights Risks of Unchecked Border Traffic & Reckless Climate Change
Spending for Wyoming People

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss Republican efforts to preserve Title 42 border policies to address the crisis at our southern border and the upcoming consideration of the United States Innovation and Competition Act.

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On Title 42… “I think now they’ve got about 8,000 [migrants] coming across the border a day, so that’s obviously more than double [pre-pandemic numbers] and they can’t deal with the numbers they’re dealing with now, let alone those massive increases in numbers and of course we telegraph this stuff to the criminal elements in Mexico that are encouraging people to pay them to come across the border. It encourages those who are trafficking humans, trafficking drugs, trafficking problems, including health problems to the United States. So, this is a very, very serious issue. Sounding the alarm is something Republicans have to do because Democrats, unfortunately, are underplaying it because the agenda of their party is an open border policy, they simply don’t believe in vetting these people.”

On USICA… “Well, it is more spending on climate than can possibly address climate in a meaningful or responsible way. One of the problems we’re encountering here in Congress is that the response to climate change is to throw money at it in indiscriminate, poorly vetted ways. And then it’s sprinkled throughout the budgets, it’s in places you’d never think to look for it and it is being wasted, Larry, completely wasted on things that will not move the needle on climate change. So, this a program that needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be targeted on actual innovation that moves the needle. This will not.”

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