ICYMI: Senators Lummis, Sullivan, and Cramer Unveil American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan

November 15, 2021

Senators present an alternative to progressive Green New Deal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), and Kevin Cramer (R-ND) held a press conference to unveil their American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan. This plan would promote American domestic energy production and jobs while reducing global emissions by up to 40 percent from today’s levels by 2050.

The American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan promotes an all-of-the-above energy strategy that preserves traditional energy sources like coal, oil, and natural gas while developing technologies, such as carbon capture, to reduce their emissions. The plan also promotes new energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear to better secure our domestic energy supply and cut emissions while creating new, sustainable jobs.

“Wyoming literally powers the nation, and I am committed to ensuring it stays that way long into the future,” said Senator Lummis. “As the largest net exporter of energy in the United States, it is essential, not only to the well-being of Wyoming, but to the energy security of the United States, to continue to produce and export Wyoming coal, uranium, oil, and natural gas all while investing in new technologies that can make them cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Wyoming, and the United States, can and should be the global leaders in clean and sustainable energy solutions. Wyoming is already leading the way in carbon capture and we have the ingenuity to develop the next clean energy success.”

Wyoming is also leading the way in new green technologies for energy production, including carbon capture technology, wind energy technology, and alternatives for methane flaring – including the mining of bitcoin and other digital assets. The American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan would allow Wyoming energy producers to build on their success and continue to produce reliable energy for the United States.

The framework is built around five key policy priorities: 

1) Expand America’s current power and energy production base to leverage U.S. world-class energy resources, to empower American workers, enhance U.S. economic and national security, and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

2) Support infrastructure, resources, investments, and incentives to build out the American renewable energy manufacturing and electricity sector.

3) Leverage America’s energy and natural resource abundance and independence to create millions of good-paying jobs in the energy and manufacturing sectors and empower the American worker.

4) Enact permitting reform to make sure all energy, mineral, and infrastructure projects can be built in an efficient, timely, and certain manner.

5) Take advantage of America’s abundant energy and natural resources and rebuild the American supply chain to continue to gain comparative advantages against China, Russia, Iran and other foreign adversaries while lowering global greenhouse gas emissions.

During the remarks, Senator Lummis said, “China is by far the biggest polluter in the world. By far. India is right behind them and India is going to be the largest population on the globe. If we would export our technology, our liquid natural gas, and help them as the largest democratic republic on earth – we’re the oldest, they’re the largest – we would do more for global climate change than we can do by spending the amount of money the Biden administration wants to throw at the word climate change without solving the problems.

“So, what I’m so proud of is the focus that Senator Sullivan, Senator Cramer, and others involved have taken to making sure we move the needle on climate, not move the needle on the rhetoric of climate. That’s what the other side is doing. We want to move the needle on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.”