Lummis staff to hold remote office hours in Converse County

July 26, 2021

Staff for U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming will hold remote office hours in Douglas on Wednesday August 4, 2021, to meet with constituents. Field Representative Bronwyn Lance will be available to meet with residents individually and hear ideas, comments and concerns about what is happening in the U.S. Senate, and also to help anyone having trouble working with a federal agency.

Of the remote office hours, Sen. Lummis said:

“We are working every day to make the federal government work for the people of Wyoming. Whether that is through legislation like the POWER Act to protect Wyoming energy producers, or through the Financial Innovation Caucus to show my Senate colleagues how Wyoming has pioneered digital asset regulation, I am working to best represent and defend the Wyoming way of doing things. These remote office hours will bring my office closer to the people we are here to serve, and I hope they will foster good conversations and also provide necessary help to ensure that the people of Wyoming can better navigate the complexities of the federal government.”

To schedule a meeting with Bronwyn Lance, please call (307) 439-7783 to arrange a convenient time and location in your community.