Senator Lummis Blasts Congress in Floor Speech for Not Addressing National Debt

October 7, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) blasted Congress in a floor speech for their recklessness in continuing to support new federal funding without addressing the national debt. As the national debt approaches $29 trillion, both Democrats and Republicans are moving forward with plans to raise the debt limit and allow new spending without addressing the impending crisis.

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“We cannot go on like this. It is irresponsible at the deepest levels,” Senator Lummis said. “Now I understand and appreciate the concerns that have led to this short-term debt limit deal. But the fact of the matter is, unless we actually address the spending problems driving our national debt, and soon, we are already saddling future generations of people in Wyoming with a debt they will never be able to repay. And soon, interest payments on that debt will crowd out other spending. This is, frankly, unforgivable.” 

“Instead of finger pointing, what I’d really like to do is get together with my colleagues, in both parties, and come up with a way to finally balance our budget, contain these massive interest payments, and start paying down this debt,” Senator Lummis continued. “Because this problem isn’t one that only affects one party. When the time comes to pay the bill, our debt holders won’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. They’ll only care about getting that check covered. And we’re swiftly approaching a time when we will be unable to do so.” 

Senator Lummis has introduced multiple bills addressing the national debt, including the Pay Down the Debt Act which would allow states to return federal grant money and earmark it for payments on the national debt and the Sustainable Budget Act which would create a bipartisan commission to create a plan to address the national debt. To watch the Senator’s full floor speech, click here