Western Caucus Chairs Unveil Priorities for the 118th Congress

January 27, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Chair of the Senate Western Caucus, and U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse (R-WA), Chair of the Congressional Western Caucus, held a press conference to announce their legislative priorities for the 118th Congress. Their platform will prioritize defending the western way of life by promoting local decision-making and smart public land management, re-establishing American energy dominance, and fostering rural economic development in our communities.

“I am honored to chair the Senate Western Caucus in the 118th Congress. I am especially excited to join Chairman Newhouse. He has been an effective legislator and chairman, and I am thrilled to build on the successes of he and outgoing Senate Chair, Steve Daines,” said Senator Lummis (R-WY). “As Chair of the Senate Western Caucus, I will promote and defend the western way of life. To me, that means protecting the cowboy spirit of innovation and exploration, not restriction and regulation.”

“My priority as Chairman is to ensure our Members, and the men and women they represent, are guiding our actions, our legislative efforts, and our messaging. Over the last two years, we’ve done just that, and we’re not done yet,” said Representative Dan Newhouse (R-WA). “I am proud to have Senator Lummis leading the Western Caucus in the Senate. We are going to prove to our constituents, and to everyone in rural America who has felt left behind by this administration and Democrats in Congress, now that Republicans have taken back the Majority in the House, we are ready with a solid platform to serve rural American and make their voices louder than ever.”

The Congressional and Senate Western Caucuses exist to educate policymakers about cultural and policy issues unique to the American West. Senator Lummis took over as Chair of the Senate Western Caucus in January of 2023. Representative Newhouse has served as Chair of the Congressional Western Caucus since 2021. Senator Lummis previously served as chair of the Congressional Western Caucus while she was a Member of the House of Representatives.

Watch the full press conference here.