Standing Up for the Jim Bridger Power Plant

January 14, 2022

One of the largest coal-fired power plants in the United States is under attack. The Jim Bridger Power Plant outside of Point of Rocks, WY has been providing Wyoming and the West with reliable energy for nearly 50 years. It burns Wyoming coal, which is some of the cleanest burning coal in the world. It’s an essential part of our power grid. Its operators have worked diligently with the State of Wyoming and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make sure they meet environmental standards. 

In 2020, the EPA approved a plan to allow Jim Bridger to continue operating and its 302 employees to continue working there. Unfortunately, President Biden’s EPA administrator, Michael Reagan, went back on that agreement and ordered costly modifications to the plant. If it weren’t for quick thinking by Governor Mark Gordon, this would have resulted in a New Years’ Eve closure of this power plant. 

Time and time again, the Biden administration has shown that it will be nothing but hostile to America’s domestic energy industry and the Wyoming way of life. This is just another example. The Biden EPA’s decision here is needlessly hurting Wyoming’s energy workers and threatening America’s energy independence as well. It is blatantly political, and that’s why I took action this week to block several of President Biden’s nominees to serve in senior leadership positions at the EPA. Until the EPA is prepared to be a fair and honest broker with the state of Wyoming on this issue, I will continue to block President Biden’s EPA nominees. 

Radical environmental policies such as the ones suggested by the Biden administration will not effectively address the changing climate. They instead will continue to harm Wyoming workers and families and force our energy needs into the hands of unstable and hostile nations. The United States has proven that we are capable of energy independence. We should continue to rely on our domestic supply to fulfill our energy needs. I won’t stop fighting for Wyoming’s energy workers and companies.