Success Story: Anna Llewellyn

April 21, 2021

It’s always exciting to brag on a success story, and Anna Llewellyn’s case is just that. She gave us permission to share her story to illustrate how my office can help you navigate the complicated web of federal agencies.

Mrs. Llewellyn had attempted to receive Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) health benefits for the last two years, sadly without success. She felt like she had exhausted all of her resources, and so she turned to my office for support.

My staff contacted the Denver VA, Veterans Health Administration Office of Community Care (VHA OCC), and Wyoming Veterans Service Office (VSO) on her behalf.  They coordinated the completion of a new application after learning the VA showed no record of the application she had filed two years ago.

After the VSO helped her submit a new application, my team learned from the VHA OCC that such applications are only processed once a month, and that the system is not always reliable.  So my office requested a copy of the application from the VSO and Mrs. Llewellyn, and we submitted it direct to the VA. I requested that the VA expedite the claim as soon as possible based on the recent circumstances and Mrs. Llewellyn’s age.  Her application was adjudicated within two days and she is now eligible and will receive CHAMPVA Benefits dating back to 2009.  She is able to submit back claims for this duration.

It’s often frustrating to try and navigate the bureaucracy of federal agencies. Cases are not always straightforward, especially since various federal and state agencies are often involved. The staff in my state offices are highly skilled at navigating the bureaucracy and many of them have years of experience with helping constituents in this manner. If you are struggling with navigating the VA or another federal agency, please reach out to the state office closest to you. I’ve listed the locations below for your convenience. We are all Wyoming, all the time, and we are eager to help you out. I want you to be the next Team Lummis success story.