Taking the Reins on the Senate Western Caucus

February 3, 2023

As the Chair of the Senate Western Caucus for the 118th Congress, it is my priority to defend and promote the Wyoming way of life. Our experiences out west are unique, and I’m honored to lead this group to advance policies that improve the lives of people in Wyoming.

My friend Senator John Barrasso started this caucus after realizing western issues were not being holistically represented in an effective way in the U.S. Senate. I plan to build on his great legacy by using my role as chair to pursue domestic energy policies that prioritize reliability and innovation instead of regulation and restriction. 

Wyoming can power the nation, and the U.S. can power the world. American energy is some of the cleanest burning energy on the planet, and we should harness that to combat efforts by less friendly powers to hold energy-dependent countries hostage. 

I also plan to use my chairmanship to develop creative and much-needed solutions to western drought, the Colorado River Basin State Compact renegotiation, the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, and water infrastructure issues. Finding a solution to our water issues will be an inflection point for western states. Already, the Senate Western Caucus has joined a Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval to push back on the Biden administration’s attempts to expand the definitions of navigable waters under WOTUS. 

I will also work to prioritize rural economic development. Wyoming is the best place to live, work, and raise a family, but like many communities in the west, we face challenges to growing and diversifying our economies. Challenges like ensuring reliable broadband, consistent air service, and affordable health services. High-speed broadband is essential to making certain Wyoming businesses have access to the global economy. Reliable air service will attract new and dynamic businesses to our state. I also know how important it is that families and seniors alike have access to reliable telehealth and healthcare services right in their own communities. I, along with my Senate Western Caucus colleagues, will keep pushing these rural issues this Congress. 

There is a lot of work to get done, and I am looking forward to leading the Senate Western Caucus to accomplish priorities for Wyoming and the west.