Time for Energy Independence Again

March 4, 2022

President Joe Biden gave his first State of the Union address this past week, painting a far rosier picture of America than the reality facing Wyoming citizens today. In truth, the State of the Union is that prices are up, inflation is up, crime is up, and the need for American energy is up. We are now buying oil from Russia. This is appalling and I have a few suggestions to move us back to American energy independence.

We need to support the State of Wyoming’s regional haze plan for the Jim Bridger power plant. This is a fight against some of the cleanest-burning coal in the world, and it should stop now.

It’s essential that President Biden includes uranium in his list of critical minerals, and encourage mining uranium in the U.S. so we do not have to rely on places like Russia for our supply.

It’s time to restart the Keystone XL Pipeline project, and fast-track energy infrastructure projects around the country.

We need to get energy regulators out of the way so states can more easily approve natural gas pipelines.

We need to fast-track energy production on federal lands. Wyoming is rich in energy resources, and we can move quickly if the federal government is our partner, not our opponent.

We must keep America’s big banks and financial regulatory agencies from black-listing the energy sector so producers can get the loans and services they need to start new projects and increase production.

Without a doubt, we need to block Russian oil and gas exports to America and our allies. Every barrel of Russian oil we buy gives Vladimir Putin more power. Instead, we should empower people in Wyoming and other energy states by investing in American energy.

We need to swiftly approve export applications so American producers can send liquified natural gas to Europe and counter Vladimir Putin’s influence there.

Lastly, it’s time to fire White House Climate Advisors Gina McCarthy and John Kerry. Their radical environmentalism prevents America’s energy independence, and John Kerry has demonstrated that he is not taking Vladimir Putin’s actions seriously. They must go.

My message to the President has been this: the American people need a unifying dream for the next year. That dream must include returning America to energy independence. Wyoming is ready to assist you in making that dream a reality.