Unleashing Wyoming’s Uranium Industry

March 25, 2022

Uranium is a fascinating element, and Wyoming has it in droves. It is the second heaviest metal on the periodic table. It is so dense that it can be used as a radiation shield, armor for tanks, and counterweights for aircraft control surfaces. It is used to provide nearly 13% of the world’s electricity and can be used to aid in dating other elements on our planet due to its long half-life. Its variety of uses makes it very valuable, but also very accessible.

Wyoming is sitting on roughly 450 million pounds of Uranium. Wyoming is responsible for nearly all of the uranium produced in the U.S. Right now, we are sourcing nearly 20% of the uranium used for energy production from Russia. With the knowledge of our vast, yet largely untapped supply of uranium, this is insane.

It is absolutely imperative that we cut off all Russian imports, including uranium. Every dollar we send to Russia is a dollar potentially used to continue to attack innocent people in Ukraine. Wyoming has more than enough uranium to fill this gap, and we can mine it in a more environmentally friendly and safe way.

Wyoming has long powered the nation as the largest net exporter of energy. Unleashing our uranium capabilities can help bolster that reputation while promoting Wyoming jobs and expanding the different energy opportunities our country needs. 

I hope President Biden takes this opportunity to make meaningful change in the nuclear power sector and create more opportunity for clean, Wyoming energy.