What Will Congress Get for Christmas?

December 16, 2022

Christmas time is here again, and although I have told my family that I’ll be home for Christmas, we are waiting on Senate Democrats to present a spending bill for us to vote on. This Christmas, I am wishing for some fiscal sanity in Congress.

I voted against a short-term continuing resolution which will keep us here until December 23rd. I voted against this measure because it is a present without a bow. It only delays a vote on an omnibus package and gives senators time to pack more spending into an already bloated bill.

I am not interested in voting for an omnibus bill that does not address our spending problem here in Washington. Every year, Congress acts like Santa Claus is coming to town and bringing funding for pet projects with him. While many believe that more money is found underneath the tree, eventually we will be called to answer for our ridiculous spending.

Our national debt is $31 trillion, and this type of outrageous spending is going to catch up with us sooner rather than later. At this rate, the American dollar will be nothing more than pretty paper. With all this spending driving up inflation, families will have a blue Christmas this year and every year until we correct our course.

Congress will likely reach an agreement and pass an omnibus by December 23rd, and then we will all be on our way home to have a holly, jolly Christmas. I do not expect a silent night that night, but I hope we are not here to ask each other, “what are you doing New Year’s Eve?”

In the new year, I will continue to work to force my colleagues to take a serious look at the way we spend your hard-earned tax dollars and start addressing our growing national debt.